Sunday, 24 April 2011

March 22, 2011

We got u, got ready and ate breakfast, then headed out to see more of Venice.
We took the river bus over to the San Marco area. There is a huge, ornate old church there, and a tall bell tower, and many restaurants and shops.

Bob in front of the ornate church at Piazza San Marco.
(restaurant chairs behind him)
We walked around the piazza and looked at the ornate architecture and the crowds of tourists. This was a great place to people watch. Bob was feeling kind of punky, so Rachel scouted out the area and reported back on activities and restaurants. The restaurants were very expensive, so we decided to leave them to the other tourists and spend our time in other pursuits.
We sat on a walkway that looked like a looooong table, but is actually one of many walkways that allow you to walk around with dry feet when there is a higher-than-usual tide.

People sitting on the unused walkway.

 We met a man who had pigeons landing on him who offered to take our picture with pigeons on us, for a price. We said "yes" and he poured some grain in our hands and snapped a shot while the pigeons went for the grain.

A picture of the picture......

We headed back to the hotel because Bob was not feeling good, and he took a nap while Rachel headed off on her own to explore the Jewish Ghetto on the Northeast side of Venice.

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