Sunday, 3 April 2011

Off to Venice

March 20, 2011

We jumped out of bed and had a fabulous breakfast. We then checked out of our hotel and went to the termini. The train to Venice was standing room only, so we booked the next one. On the train we met a  woman from Venice named Lola who was very kind and helpful.

A man and a young girl came by and left a bag next to us. he said they were looking for seating together and wanted to mark that seat. they then left and other folks came through and moved the package. Only later did it occur to me that they could be terrorists looking to bomb the train. Turned out they weren't, but it made me much more securiy concious after that.

When we pulled into Venice, the train was on a track in the middle of a huge amount of water. We were crossing water for quite  while before we finally arived at the Venice Termini.
Water bus, the boat with ACTV on the side.
We figured out how to, use the water bus. Got to our hotel, the Ovidious. Our room Overlooked the Grand Canal at the Rialto bridge.
View out our window in Venice

David at the front desk made us welcome right away. The view was spectacular. We skyped with Joan and Alden. Showed them the view out our window.
We did wash because we needed clean clothes. Rachel did laundry in tub, and hung the clothes up to dry in the shower.
by this time it was getting dark, so we took a water bus ride. The moon was a harvest-ype moon, huge and orange, but in spring.

We had pizza for dinner on the waterfront, where they had a heater to stave off the cold.
News flash!! Bob took a bath!!!

Snore time.

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