Monday, 25 April 2011

March 23rd, last day in Venice.

The hotel was a great place, and Venice was one of the most agreeable places in Italy, so we didn't want to leave, but had to.

Red clay tile is the "normal" roof in Italy.

Since Bob was feeling better, we headed back to the Piazza San Marco and went to the top of the bell tower. It was quite an impressive view of the city.
We took the water bus back to the termini, and boarded our train for Florence.
Alden was waiting at the station for us and we went back to our apartment, our base of operations, to talk and eat.

Alden and rachel at the "Termini"
Later that evening we went to a club on the west side of the Arno River to see our boy sit in with a great jazz group. We got to see an amazing jazz show.

 The music was the best I've heard in a long time. It was truly jazz. The guys were improvising most of the time, and doing it better than I have heard it done before.

Patrick Sargent is a very empathic and flow-oriented sax player.

I was impressed. The "Boys of Borgo Pinti" are a truly awesome group of musicians. The drummer, Jaime, is the best drummer I have heard in my 59+ years on this planet.
jaime, doing his thing on drums.

It is a very satisfying thing to see our son pouring his soul into his music, and to hear it coming out so beautifully.
We headed back to our apartment feeling very good about how Alden is doing in Italy.

It was a very good night.

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