Thursday, 24 March 2011

Alcohol and church don't mix

March 12, 2011

Got up at 7:30 to go to store, clean apartment, and get ready for Marie-Louise and Pierre, from Switzerland

Alden came in and we met them at the train station at Noon.
Have not seen them for 11 years.
Made great lunch for them at our apartment.

Went out to take bus to Sienna.

                                        Church that Alden, Pierre, and marie Louise attended.

Alden, Pierre, and Marie-Louise went to church and saw monks chanting and a duomo, Rachel and I went to an Irish bar. Some guy wanted to take his picture with Bob because Bob is “big”. He was small and drunk, so I let him put his head on my chest and the barkeep took his picture
Had Italian beer bar and watched spirited rugby match between Wales and Ireland. Ireland won.

Rode back on rocky roads (filling falling out?)

Got back in time for 9:00 dinner reservations and had really good dinner.
Jazz was so-so.

Went to The Effizzi and saw statues of many famous figures including Galileo (above).

Walked home and got a guided tour from Alden.

Alden went home and we \went home and set up hideabed for Marie-Louise and Pierre.

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