Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saying farewell and going to check out Rome

March 17, 2011
We got up and said goodbye to the beach, walked around a bit and had minor fiber-ball fights.

Drove into Cagliari (I'm getting used to driving like a maniac) and delivered the car to Salvatore. They took us to a huge market where they had many things that looked good to eat and other things that you really couldn't pay me enough to sample. There was a tuna portion that was a good 12 inches across.

They had clams and things they called snails that were more like mutant shrimp crossed with crawdads, octopus, BIG mushrooms,

and roe of several different species. There were actually too many things to enumerate.
After the market, we split upo and Alden and Angela Maria went to a youth concert while Rachel, Bob, and Salvatore retired to a local coffee shop to peruse photos. If you're ever in a  position where the person you are entertaining doesn't speak a word of english, (and you don't speak whatever they speak) try showing them photos. Literally worth a thousand words.
Then we went back to Salvatore and Anglela Maria's to eat lunch. Once again the lasagna was fabulous and the wine was plentiful.
They gave us gifts, we gave them gifts, and they drove us to the ferry terminal.
We went throught the obligatory security check (belt buckle PLEASE!!) and got on the ferry.

 By the time we checked into our stateroom and looked back at the docks, they were gone.
We departed around 6:00 and headed out across the Mediterranean Sea.

Our cabin had 4 single beds, in a two-bunk-bed arrangement. We wandered the ship and figured out where the lifeboats were and how to knock old ladies overboard so we would be assured a spot in one if the ferry were to sink. Found a spa and a "video" room where you could watch Italian or german TV all night. Found the bar and were surprised to find out how cheap the drinks were. Alden spent a good deal of time doing his figure-drawing homework. Rachel was inspired to try to draw Alden. She did an okay job, but now we know why she chose social work over art as a careeer. Had a grappa and went back to the cabin to sleep. We wanted to see the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea. It had been too cloudy to see the sun set, so we were determined to see it rise.

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