Thursday, 24 March 2011

Last full day with the truly friendly folks in Sardinia

March 16

We slept in until 9:00, had a quick breakfast, then walked around on the beach. Found a bunch of fiber balls, where the surf had shredded plant fiber of some sort and rolled it into a few hundred oceanic hairballs. There were also several hundred dead purple jellyfish.

We went into town around 2:00 and met up with our friends Salvatore and Angela Maria.

Went to modern museum. Not my thing, so I spent time trying to update this stupid blog. I also checked emails and payed bills.
We then went to an archaeological museum and saw a bowl reportedly made 2400 years before Christ.

Alden and I walked up 121 steps to the top of a tower that is normally closed, but open this day only for Italy’s 150 year independence day celebration. It's the Santa Croce or “Elephant” tower.

We went to an exhibition hall for 150 year freedom celebration, then saw military and civilian bands play.

Went to fabulous pizza joint which served pizzas that were 14” across as individual servings.

After pizza saw a long fireworks display, primarily green white and red, which are the colors of the Italian flag.

Went home to Kala moru, had some grappa, and prepared for departure tomorrow. We're gonna miss this place. Sardinia and Cagliari are very down-home places. They'd be great if everybody didn't talk funny.

Salvatore and Angela Maria have been absolutely wonderful. What good friends.

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